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“Blues”ing Perspective

During my last English class my professor assigned a short free writing assignment on one word.  The word given at the beginning of class was the color blue.  The purpose was to exercise writing something to get the juices flowing.  I chose to write a poem which I later named “Bluesing Perspective(Losing perspective but with blue).  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Some say a touch of grey, but I’m telling you It’s blue.

Everyday you wake with one question, what am I to do?

Drowning under water, my body will not revive.

Today is one day too late to schedule my baptise.

The sky is full of empty, I wish it to go black,

and request upon a star for this void to revert back.

Blue is not my color, but I see it everyday.

In many neighbors eyes as they pass and walk away.