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Failed in China

Failed in China

Staring at my clock, with the persistence that it lacks.

The digital had died so with a rotate I checked the back.

The plug leads to an outlet while a battery compartment shells nothing but a tag.

Just 3 words show, “Made in China.”

This repair I won’t pursue, you can’t fix china or the poor craftsmanship they spew.

Passing by my futon, a second glance becomes a stare.

To notice another tag attached accompanied by an obnoxious tear.

Just 3 words show, “Made in China”.

The wife comes walking in, her iPod leaves a braid.

Unexpected pixels from bottom to top and never will they fade.

Apple can be tricky, the 3 words they did change.

“Manufactured in China”.

Manufacturing is making, this sleazy Chinese stain.

On many of my purchases, unknowingly, these manufacturers I blame.

Their workers worse than hookers, the greed gives birth to disease.

For every jobless American, caused by factories overseas.

Not paying American taxes, is this how you support the troops?

I say we ban these productions, abusing loop-holes and forming flukes.

If we got rid of the greedy, everyone would be content.

Companies acting like the needy, so the CEO’s can afford a Benz.

These “Made in China’s” will not work, they kill the “American dream.”

Creating the loss of unity, protected by legality, these Americans are trading teams.