You can call me Halfrican(Mulatto), I’m currently unemployed, like half of my block, while attending school.  I have always had too many thoughts for my brain to process hence my 5 AM posts.  Hopefully i can empty some thoughts here while brushing up on my writing skills.  I have a weakness for logic, when it’s not there, I’m the one who ends up feeling stupid.  I’m also big into electronics and video games.  Nothing is more enjoyable than the false sense of accomplishment a video game can give, along with “the distraction from life” labeled a cell phone.  I can sometimes be viewed as negative, but I don’t see anything wrong with expecting the worst as long as you hope for the best.  I’m hoping this will be a record of my life changes instead of misfortunes.  There are no auditions in life and it shouldn’t be lived like one.  There is only one take, make sure you know what you want.


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