Love is


Love is living, love is ruthless.
So often we say “I love you”.
From day in to day out as if on repeat
Take it for granted and live life toothless

Love is hard and love can hurt.
Gnaw to a bite, a kiss to a fight.
temptations to altercation
Turmoil soiled by unseen provocation.
Contingent to conquest yet coiled tight.

Love is soft, pouring between fingertips.
Melted like butter and pressed between lips.
Slippery as ice and cold as the winter.
Moldless putty for all but an amateur.

Love is forever changing, a stasis within chains.
This land you roam was never yours to claim.
Constriction from a collection of two.
Sadly mistaken if left with predictions that these problems provided clues.

Love is a moment that beats again and again.
Constantly providing patron to the others within.
The road you rage is best to  go both ways.
Settle for less while disaster frames.

Love isn’t lasting, more like a fasting.
One makes the kill as the other makes its fill.
One takes the helm as the other scrubs the boat.
left himself to drown so that she could be afloat.


About Halfrican

Trying to improve writing(typing) along with interests in video games and writing. I have an addiction to cell phones and electronics. Buttons are fun to press, hopefully after school i'll be programming which will give me my fix. View all posts by Halfrican

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