Have you heard my song?


Have you heard my song?

Had my melody been sweet?

Did I strum a guitar,

with my soul within the strings?

Did the drums hammer loud,

with a passionate beat?

Maybe just some noise,

were your ears were left to ring.

Was it  played like a concert,

with vocals taking steps back.

did the crowd go silent, feeling my tale,

had I played the final act?

Was I a rookie on the stage too soon,

sounding my story in auto-tune?

Would you play me again?

or smile and pretend,

never listening to the end.

did you find this song of mine worth sharing?

or drown it out without even caring.


About Halfrican

Trying to improve writing(typing) along with interests in video games and writing. I have an addiction to cell phones and electronics. Buttons are fun to press, hopefully after school i'll be programming which will give me my fix. View all posts by Halfrican

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