Monthly Archives: May 2014

No place to Hyde

Young and old, a coward yet bold
No good without evil, who will be the hero?
These shades of grey make fog of day
Will we fall? pray to innocence?
Will the villain conquer penance.
Please calm this arena neither welcomed tenants.

No sorrow for Jeckle nor understanding of Hyde.
For what reason within me do they coincide?
No due diligence when facing duality.
Multiple menacing realities conjure a conscious divide.
Deafening ears on Jimmity, a blind and selfless guide.
No evidence of when or why, just a guy,
who cannot run, yet tries to hide.

A relentless storm fuels the fire, left with just a thimble.
Part way filled with hope,  one can only be humble
Numb yearning nimble, entrapped without escape.
Confusion to sane, uncertainty holds shame,
persona inflamed, emotions masked and maimed

No entrance or access, no exit sign or door.
Only what is and what is not.
There is no pause play or stop.
The nonidentical twins from within.
Sanctioned into life while dissolving into sin.